Patrice Catanzaro Calie Combishort Haute Couture Made in France

Patrice Catanzaro

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Haute couture sexy lycra playsuit. The perfect blend of class and sexyness at a price that won't be matched. Large tailored collar. Sleeveless cut. Made in France. 100 % French fabrics. Sexy AND comfy at the same time.

Check measurements below, since the French sizing are one size smaller. For instance, a French XL amounts to an US Large. The label on the outfit is based on the French sizing.


  •     US XS (French Small): Chest: 33½-35", Waist: 24-25½", Hip: 35½-37";

  •     US Small (French M): Chest: 35½-37”, Waist: 26-27”, Hip: 37½ - 39"

  •     US M (French L): Chest: 35.5-37", Waist: 27.5-29", Hip: 39.5-40.5";

  •     US L (French XL): Chest: 39-40", Waist: 29-30", Hip: 41-42";

  •            US XL (French 2XL): Chest: 40.5-42", Waist: 31-32", Hip: 42.5-44".

Catanzaro’s clothing empowers women of all shapes.  

Designed and made in France with genuine French fabrics. For Catanzaro, provenance of the materials and handmade craftsmanship are non-negotiable. 

Ø  Runway fashion item.

Ø  High quality fabrics.

Ø  Unique and rare collectible outfits. Most of Catanzaro’s clients conserve items for decades.

Ø  Supercharge your bedroom. So sexy and elegant you’ll feel like in a high-class French blue movie. Many of Cantanzaro’s creations have been featured in the refined Marc Dorcel movies.  

Ø  Special care is needed for washing as it’s a true designer item.

Ø  Check measurements, since the French sizing are smaller. For instance, a French Large amounts to an US Medium. The label on the outfit is based on the French sizing.

Ø  Full satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not 100 % convinced it’s a top-quality item, simply return it unworn.


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