Denber Rubber LATEX GAG for Men and Women BLACK or RED Made in UK (DB-X204)

Denber Rubber

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Latex gag for Men or Women. Feel like dominating ? Or being dominated ? Either way, this is ago-to toy for any couple who wants to spice it up. Your choice, your game.  Exclusively made in the UK with high quality 100% natural latex for Universal Exports.


  • 100% Natural latex;
  • Color: Red or Black;
  • Girth of the gag ball: 11 cm (4 inches)
  • To give it a shiny and glossy super sexy look, you must use a latex shiner product;
  • Made in the UK.

Denber Rubber Ltd has been established in the UK for over 45 years and produces the finest quality dip moulded latex products in the world. Denber Rubber Ltd manufactures the largest range of latex adult toys, gags and restraints in the world for male, female, hetero and gay enjoyment. The products are all designed and produced in house from natural latex. 

***Comes with a Vivishine Latex shiner 7ml wipe to give it a shiny and glossy super sexy look.***

***Can only be refunded in its initial condition (you can’t get a refund if you have applied a latex shiner or cleaner on it).***

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